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FS/CS GmbH – founded in 2011 by Falk Schmidt – helps it’s clients making innovative digital business models a success.

Cross functional experience

The World is complex. It has long since ceased to be enough to be an ace in one’s field. Rather, what is needed is the ability to work cross-functionally – both professionally and organizationally. We bridge business and technology.

Proven success in digital projects worldwide

Project management is a craft. In consulting, we extend this craft with decades of experience in the context of business process digitization and data protection, coupled with a proven track record of success. It is precisely this combination that distinguishes the junior from the „old hand“. Put your faith in exactly this experience!

Network of Experts

A reliable network is always better than „lone wolves“. In addition to project professionals the network naturally includes experts in the digitization of banking, HR and production processes, knowledge management, CRM and business intelligence, as well as human resources management and leadership. In addition, lawyers specializing in IT, labor law, tax law, marketing and social media professionals as well as IT consulting partners provide support for customer-specific tasks.

Clients and references

Selection of project references

We have the privilege and pleasure of having a large number of well-known companies and organizations place their trust in us.

Large enterprises, Germany (alphabetical)

Allianz, Altana, Bertelsmann, Commerzbank, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Lufthansa, Dresdner Bank, DZ-Bank, EnBW, ING-DiBa AG, Roche Diagnostics, SAP AG, T-Systems, Vodafone, etc.

Large enterprises, international (alphabetical)

A1-Telekom Austria, Adgas (Abu Dhabi), Al-Futtaim (Dubai), Nestlé (Schweiz), Pirelli (Italien), Roche Diagnostics (Schweiz), Saudi Aramco (KSA), Sony Ericsson (Schweden), Syngenta (Schweiz), Telecom Italia, T-Mobile Netherlands, etc.

Medium-sized companies (alphabetical)

Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG, Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG, BYK-Chemie GmbH, Hermle AG, N-Ergie AG, Odfjell Netherlands B.V., Quincy Management Group Ltd., (Canada), Schufa Holding AG, Stadtwerke Erfurt, Telefonbuch-Verlag Hans Müller, etc.

Focus on data protection and information security

We work as personally appointed external data protection officers and consultants for a large number of companies, esp. in healthcare and on behalf of non-profit organizations, in IT consulting and software development, in law firms, consulting companies, engineering companies and logistics companies.

As Representatives of controllers or processors not established in the Union pursuant to Art. 27 GDPR we act on behalf of companies located outside the European Union.